Tyler the Creator

Tyler the creator

Tyler the creator is a musician, in the begining of his career he was mainly a rapper but as time went on he made albums that are a mixture of rap, pop, jazz and maybe even more.

His music

Tylers first album was "bastard", an album about him growing up without a father, it is still very raw and has his old kind of lyrics, lyrics about murder, rape and some more grousome stuff. His most important albums though were: "Flower boy" and his newest "IGOR", they were his first albums where he completely stopped talking abot such brutal stuff like murder and rape, in "Flower" boy he started opening up and talked about how lonley he is and how he tries to be happy by buying new cars, jewlery and more expensive stuff.


And my favorite album right now: "Igor", and album in which he outed himself as being gay, he tells the story of how he was in love with a boy but it didn't work out, how he realized that that relationship wasn't good for him and how he was fighting over him with a girl. With "Igor" Tyler also won his first grammy award for best rap album, but i think he should have won more, his album was in my oppinion the by far best album of the year and he deserved more than just one Grammy. I would really suggest that you listen to the whole album.

Golf Wang

Tyler also has a fashon company "Golf Wang" the name comes from his old groop. "Odd Future" or also "Wolf Gang"